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Smart Stadia is a very new but increasingly used term to describe sports stadiums, arenas or other venues that utilise smart technologies such as Smart Cards, Near Field Communications (NFC) barcode and other radio frequency identification (RFID) methods and even interactive touchscreen TV’s for interacting with customers. Source Wikipedia

Smart Stadia structure

CONSOLE –Stand alone core systems in a modern day sports facility does not enable full benefits realisation, however for various reasons that is what a lot of sporting clubs have. Smart Stadia™ provide their clients with a modular future proof single smart stadia solution supported by a single card based membership scheme. So whether you require one component that is integrated with existing systems or a full smart stadia solution Smart Stadia™ can help.

Smart Cashless

SMART CASHLESS – The benefits of implementing a cashless solution in a sports venue are well documented, however it is still an investment that requires a “payback” calculation to help make the right decision on supplier, tactical approach and implementation plan. For a free Discovery session to identify how a cashless solution can help you and to calculate a “payback” period with our benefits realisation model email or call +44 (0) 208 123 0811.

Smart Access

SMART ACCESS – Access control needs to be more that just a way of limiting access to just those with a valid ticket. It also needs to deliver a richer experience to the customer and provide opportunities for the sports club to generate additional revenue. Would you like know who is in the stadia the second they enter? Perhaps you would like to make personalised promotions and offers to customers in the ground or identify those that regularly arrive at the last minute and want to build a campaign to encourage then to arrive earlier and spend more money. These are exactly the type of marketing opportunies that the Smart Stadia™ solution offers.

Smart Stato

SMART STATO – This is the tool our CRM clients use to build marketing campaigns, product promotions and special personalised offers to their customers. We recognise that CRM is the main hub for generating additional revenue, managing customer interaction and creating a richer experience for the customer. This is why we ensure that every solution we deliver is fully integrated with ticketing, access control, POS, cashless and other core stadia systems.

Smart Ticket

SMART TICKETING – Paper, print at home, SMS and smart delivered by NFC, card, web, mobile phone, online, club ticket office and third party ticket agent are just a few of the possible considerations for a ticketing system. At Smart Stadia™ we know that some ticketing methods are more efficient than others but also that not all of them are appropriate for your organisation. This is why we help you analyse your requirements based on the clubs need to achieve efficiencies and improve the customer experience to deliver a unique ticketing solution that is fully integrated with existing CRM and Access Control systems.

iSmart Suite

iSMART SUITE™ – This is a suite of campaign tools that compliment the customer data gathered in Smart Stato and together provide a multi channel delivery mechanism. Whether you need direct mailing, SMS, online, telephone or even NFC our iSMART SUITE™ has it all. We believe that having a great CRM solution is only truly valuable when it is used to its full capacity which is why we also provide continued support from our ACIM qualified marketing consultants as part of our commitment to our clients.


NFC – This is a emerging technology that is growing in popularity and even being exploited by the organisers of the 2010 World Cup. Click here for a demonstration of how the exciting new technology can be used in a stadia environment.


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